Property finder in our DNA.


Property finder

These are not just empty words… Giuntoli Real Estate follows in the family footsteps, it is the last chapter in a company and family history started a long time ago. We are proud of it, as everybody is in a family company that achieved great things. 
But let us tell you: other than business, there are many more reasons for us to be in the real estate market.
We inherited the keys of quality real estate brokerage.
During the legendary 70’s Claudio Giuntoli founded his first agency in Sardinia, in the beautiful setting of Porto Rotondo.
Since then the name Giuntoli began to increasingly spread; it meant quality, professionalism and reliability, becoming a benchmark for the purchase and sale of properties in Costa Smeralda.
Our Skill

Our values

Andrea Giuntoli grew up in this context, he inherited from his father Claudio three key foundation virtues: passion, ethics and foresight. 

Passion. For what is behind real estate brokerage and property search: people’s wishes. We do not stop until we find the solution that makes your eyes sparkle.  

Ethics. Because in life as in business you reap what you sow. We sow transparency and we reap trust.

Foresight. A quality that drives us to do more and much better. Because perfection does not exist, but perfectibility does. And we pursue it every day.

These three key words have opened the Giuntoli Real Estate’s doors, based in Milan, specialized in property finding, consulting, home staging and interior design.
It is time to introduce us

The Giuntoli Real Estate team

Cohesion, collaboration, sharing. These are the values we believe in and they are part of the “mindset” of each individual in our team. 

Where to find us.
Foro Buonaparte 55
20121 (MI) Italia
Giuntoli Real Estate is guided by Andrea, the founder with two more key figures: the interior designer Geraldine Semeghini and the sales manager Chiara Sanfelici.
Why choose us as your property finder.
We are consultant with a passion for the wonder. We like to have our clients jaw dropped by putting them in front of a view they would not expect, a detail that makes the difference. If you choose us as your property finder, you will meet creative but accurate professionals.
We want to overwhelm you with our enthusiasm and, above all, we want to show you that the search of a property (or a buyer) can be a positive, serene, inspiring experience.
Come and meet us in person: you will immediately feel at home.