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Cookie Policy Notice

This page explains what cookies are and how we use them.
You need to read this page to understand what cookies are, how we use them, the types of cookies we use, or the information we collect using cookies and how that information is used, and how to control cookie preferences.

You can at any time change or withdraw your consent to the use of cookies on our website. Find out more about who we are, how you can contact us and how we process personal data in our Privacy Policy. Your consent applies to the following domains:


1. What are Cookie?

Cookies are small text files sent by websites to user devices. Cookies are stored on the devices (such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and any device used to surf the Internet) and on the next visit by the same user they are retransmitted to the website in question. To find out more, please consult this Cookies Policy. The user is free to choose which cookies to accept, adjusting their settings by following the indications below, and then to continue browsing. There are various types of cookies, some increase efficiency when browsing the site (hereinafter the “Site“), others enable certain features.

2. Who is the Data Controller and what are the Cookies used by the Site?

The Data Controller is Giuntoli Real Estate S.r.l, with registered office in Milan, Foro Bonaparte, 55 – CF (tax code) 08824210960 and VAT registration number IT08824210960 (hereinafter, the “Data Controller“).

3. Which cookies are used by this Site?
3.1 Technical cookies

This site uses first-party technical cookies, such as navigation or session cookies, and functional and analytical cookies. Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of sites and can be session (temporary) or persistent (with duration defined according to the needs of use of the site). The duration of session cookies is strictly limited to the time spent browsing the site (once the browser is closed these cookies are deleted). Persistent cookies, on the other hand, have a longer duration than session cookies (with expiration of up to 30 days) and are used to recognise the user’s computer for this limited period. Their deactivation compromises the study of how visitors interact with the site. The public part of the website however remains usable.

[cookie_audit columns=”cookie,type,description,duration,sensitivity” heading=”The following list shows the Technical Cookies used on our website“]
3.2 Third Party Cookies

The site uses third-party cookies, i.e. cookies that have been installed by a site or a web server other than that of this site. This site uses the following third-party cookies, the use of which is subject to the user’s consent:

[cookie_audit columns=”cookie,type,description,duration,sensitivity” heading=”The following list shows the Third Party Cookies used on our website“]
4. Do cookies have to be accepted in order to visit the Site?

Not necessarily: the user has the option to disable one, some or all cookies, including first-party cookies. However, the total or partial disabling of first-party technical cookies can compromise use of the functionalities of the site reserved for registered users. Nonetheless, public contents can still be accessed when cookies are completely disabled. Disabling third-party cookies, on the other hand, does not affect navigability in any way, however, some functions related to social networks may not work.

5. How can I disable cookies?

Cookies can be disabled through your browser settings. However, if the user continues to use the site without changing the browser settings, it is assumed that the user intends to accept all the cookies used by the site and to take advantage of the related features. It is possible to deactivate / activate or delete cookies at any time via the settings of the web browser used by the user. The preferences can be managed independently by the user in a specific and detailed way via the browser settings.

To do this, just refer to the information in the browser User Manual (so-called Help Page or Privacy) or the following instructions:

  • Internet Explorer
    Menu: Tools / Internet Options
    Tab “Privacy”, then “Sites”: in Site Address enter the complete address (URL) of the Site whose privacy parameters you want to customise:
    To authorise the storing of the Cookies of the Site in question on your computer, click Authorise;
    To prevent the storing of the Cookies of the Site in question on your computer, click Block.
  • Safari
    Preferences: Privacy tab, then Configure Cookies
  • Chrome
    Click on the settings icon, located on the browser toolbar: Parameters; Click on View Advanced Parameters.
    In the “Privacy” section click on Content parameters.
    In the “Cookies” section you can modify the following parameters: Delete Cookies, Block Cookies by default, Authorise Cookies by default, Define exceptions for Cookies from some websites or domains.
  • Firefox
    Click on Tools and then on Options.
    Privacy Tab: in the History Settings section select “use custom settings”. Select the box “accept cookies” and click on the exceptions in order to choose which websites will have permanent authorisation or not with regard to the installation of cookies on your device.
  • Opera
    Preferences > Advanced > Cookies
    Cookie preferences allow you to control how Opera manages cookies. By default, all cookies are accepted.
    If the user has accepted use of cookies by accessing the site and continuing past the initial banner containing the information summary, he/she can change the cookies settings at any time and decide to disable them.

As for Google Cookies, you can prevent Google from detecting the data generated by the Cookies and relating to your use of our Site (including the IP address), as well as the processing of such data, by downloading the browser add-on to disable Google Analytics at the following link: Note that this browser add-on is device and browser-specific. If you delete cookies or if you use another device or another browser, you will have to download and install the browser add-on again.

In any case, for more information, to verify how long the data thus acquired will be stored and to activate or deactivate these Cookies, please refer to the information provided by these companies at the following links:

Since Google Analytics is a third-party cookie, it can be installed or activated only following the express consent of the user on the first visit to the site.

Consent can be expressed in a general way, by closing the short information banner on the landing pages of the Site.

6. Can cookies also be deleted?

Yes, here too it is necessary to configure the browser-specific settings, following the instructions above (art. 5).

7. How does the Data Controller use and process Cookies?

The use of Cookies takes place in full compliance with current legislation, which establishes the lawfulness of these technologies for certain legitimate purposes relating to technical storage for the time strictly necessary for the transmission of the communication or to provide a specific service requested by the user, who can always oppose the processing of his/her data linked to the storage of cookies, disabling one or more of them.

The data is processed by computer, locally and / or remotely, by subjects previously authorised and instructed by the Data Controller. The data are stored in electronic archives in compliance with security measures suitable for preventing the loss of data, any illegal or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

8. Changes to the Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy may be modified or simply updated, in whole or in part, at the Data Controller’s discretion and/ or following any changes in the rules that govern this matter and protect the rights of the user. Changes and updates to the Cookies Policy will be binding as soon as they are published. Users are therefore invited to regularly access this section to check its contents.

9. Contacts

Please send an e-mail to in the event of questions concerning any need for clarification or information on the contents of this page.

Last update date: March 2020