The answers to the frequently asked questions about the property finder.
Who is the property finder? What does he do? How can he help you in finding a house to buy? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this professional.
Who is the property finder?
  • The property finder is a professional who works in the real estate business as a consultant searching for properties to buy or rent. The service he offers you is structured as a project. This allows you to reach your goal without wasting time and money.
What does the property finder do?
The property finder assesses your needs and, on your behalf, conducts a market research to select the best offers in the area of your interest.
Who can use the property finding service?
Anyone looking to buy or rent a property, stresslessly and increasing the chance to find the best solution for his own needs.
What is the difference between a property finder and a traditional real estate agent?
A property finder mainly aims at conducting a personalized research for you. He offers advices before taking care of the buying and selling. He has a deep knowledge of the real estate market and a network of contacts that allow him to scout the territory with confidence.
Why search for a property with a property finder rather than do it by yourself?
Looking by yourself for a property that meets your needs requires a significant investment of time. And you are not sure to find the best solution. With a property finder instead, you will be able to move in the right direction right away. You will have a consultant following, advising and helping you throughout the entire process of browsing and buying, making this experience more positive and serene. 
How does the service of property finding work?
  • Interview. We organize a first appointment where the property finder collects information about your needs and desires.
  • Assignment. After the preliminary interview, you will sign a purchase assignment. Search. The consultant starts the research.
  • Presentation. The results of the research are presented in a detailed dossier (technical charts, photographs, plans, etc.)
  • Evaluation and properties visits. You consider the proposals with the assistance of the property finder, who will then fix the appointments to visit the properties.
  • Purchase assistance. When the property is chosen, the consultant will find all the necessary documentation (technical, land registry, urban planning, etc.) and he will assist you in the formulation of the acquisition offer and in the notary procedure.
  • Renovation (if needed). If the chosen property needs renovation, the property finder will help you in this too. 
How much does the service cost?
5% of the purchase value, the commission will be paid at the time of purchase.
And if I find the property myself?
You can tell the property finder about any property found by you, so that he will be able to help you through the negotiation.
Do you have any other questions about the property finding service?
Please contact us and we will be happy to answer.