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No trophy or beauty title. Only a lot of passion for what is elegant, sophisticated, fascinating. Because we deal with prestigious properties. We only deal with the best. We understand beauty, that’s why we know how to recognise it, enhance it and show it off to perfection. But also because with a 360° approach and personalised service, you really  don’t have to worry about anything. You will have only the best experience of your sale or lease. Just the beauty of a real estate deal.

This is easy. We have added value compared to all other real estate brokerage agencies: we are experts in real estate promotion and we include this service in every assignment. (Yes, we like to promote our clients too.) Most operators in the sector either do not guarantee these services or they charge for them separately – or, simply, they are not set up to offer them. But that’s not all. Do you know how we can always offer that extra touch that makes the difference? After many years of experience, we are trained to immediately glimpse the potential beauty of a property and – there is no point denying it – we are really good at making it stand out via targeted interventions. We are the quality real estate brokerage agency for those who choose beauty. Take a look at the experiences of our satisfied customers.

Ok, it’s a bit like asking what our secret is to satisfying all our clients. In reality it is not a secret and it is very simple: we take care of everything!In all phases of the assignment, you have a close-knit team at your side and, as they say in Milan, always “on point”. Actually, we are more often ahead, because thanks to the network of professionals with whom we collaborate every day, taking care of everything for you, from the legal and bureaucratic aspects to the tax and mediation ones, we are able to close a sale or a lease in far less time . You need a technical opinion for a mortgage or for managing tax matters? You can find all the answers to your needs directly in our consultancy services. Ours is in fact an all-round consulting approach, to save you time and stress and make gains in satisfaction.

To begin with, our real estate development services are included for every client as part of the original assignment. It means that together with you, after the inspection, we evaluate, develop and carry out aesthetic and functional improvements to your property, enhancing its characteristics and placing it in the best possible light, through a professional photo shoot. So your real estate ad captures much more attention and achieves maximum visibility in the major industry portals. In addition, we provide Home Staging and Interior Design services, when an even more impactful intervention is required, which allows you to position your property in an even higher performing way. Each client has their own personal idea of beauty. We succeed in understanding yours and satisfying it with a personalised service on all fronts.

Our experience in the real estate sector is consolidated to the point that harmony, aesthetics and perfection are our daily bread: beauty is a value with which we have great familiarity and with which we are fortunate to come into contact  every day, thanks to the passion for our work. For this reason, Giuntoli RE Interior Design and Home Staging play a fundamental role. For example, do you need to renovate a property or prepare it for sale? Our interior design specialists are looking forward to putting their skills at your service to perfect it. Tell us your wishes and we will fulfil them. With our Home Staging we then work on the style and presentation of the rooms, through tasteful objects and details that stand out. In addition, we create a professional photo shoot, with exciting and high-quality images, which will showcase the strengths of the property. The “wow” effect is assured and buyers will rush forwards.