Interior Design and Home Staging

Interior design and home staging: let us give your home a brand new look. 
Do you have to renovate a property just bought or make your home ready for sale? We are ready to get down to work for you, with our interior design and home staging services. They are here for you. 

Interior design

From concept to work

In our team you will find interior design experts who cannot wait to put their skills at your disposal and make your home just like you dream it.
Do you need a renovation to maximize space, to create an extra bedroom or an office, or to give a loft look to your apartment? Tell us your wishes and we will turn them into reality.
Many of our clients, who bought a property to renovate through property finding, have chosen to be entrust us the interior design. The results were great satisfaction thanks to custom made design, convenience and state of art works.
Here’s how we do interior design (in Milan and other cities) at Giuntoli Real Estate: 
we study a renovation project with the annexed specifications.
we isse a highly competitive quote.
if you want, our experts will follow you in the project management, so as to ensure the respect and the timing of the project.

"Trust us: we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. "


A stylish look for your property to sell

Selling a property can be more tiring than buying one. We know that and that is why we offer an innovative service of home staging. Home staging. Here what it is.
Think about this situation: you need a new lampshade and you find yourself facing two furnishing shops. One has nice, stylish and almost striking shop windows; the other one instead has drab and simple ones.
Which one do you buy in? We are sure you would choose the first one. Home staging is a little bit more complicated than a shop window, but the essence is the same: working on the style and presentation of your home to make it more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.

Our home staging service

Our interior designers are specialized in home staging. With them by your side, you will see your home like never before. You will be amazed at the result.
We oversee the fitting out with stylish objects and fascinating details. In addition, a professional photo shoot with exciting and high quality images will show the strengths of the property.
Buyers will love your home. They will not be long in coming and you will you’re your property sooner and better. Sell your property faster.
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