Property finding

We find the perfect home for you.
Property finding is a smart way of looking for properties to buy. But to us, at Giuntoli Real Estate, it is something more: it means finding the home you want, as you already see it in your mind.
Let see… You want to buy either your first property or a second home, by the sea or in the mountains. You want it big, but not huge. Or maybe you want to rent an apartment with limited floor area but with a good division of spaces. You do not want a makeover or you are willing to consider also properties to renovate. Bright rooms and balcony are a must. That is what you want? Ok. 


Do you need a property finder?

Just tell us things like these, describe your perfect home – to buy or rent. We will understand who you are and we will search the home of your dreams for you. We will find it for you. This is what property finding means to us.
When do you need a property finder? Maybe you already know you will need a property finder. Or maybe you are here because you have heard about property finding or house hunting and you want to know more about it. In the first case, scroll down and find out why you may request our services. Or stay here and first read the reasons why need this professional too.
The zero stress search for a home.
You know it: the real estate market is a tricky one. Without a professional by your side, what should be a joy – the search for a home – can become a drama.
A property finder is not only an expert in real estate but also an attentive consultant, who brings on a personalized search and finds out exactly what can meet your needs. Buying a home is an important step, you should not just choose to settle for less. Certainly you should not do it because worn-out from searching. 

"The property finder not only will find your home, but will make it a pleasant experience for you. "


You have no time

If searching for a property to buy does not fit with your work and personal commitments, do not postpone it indefinitely: call a property finder.
After collecting and analyzing you requests, he will manage the entire project independently. You will not waste your time with useless meetings and he will show you only what is really relevant to your interest. 
But there’s more. After the acquisition, there is a lot of paperwork to fill in. But you don’t have to worry: the property finder will handle all the paperwork for you. In short, property finding is a precious resource for you if you have no time. 


Maybe you are already sure you do not want to venture out alone looking for a property to buy. And you also know that you do not want a mere seller by your side. You want a consultant, a professional who understands you and can advise you, who looks after your own interests. You want a personalized service. You’ll find it in property finding. 

Why rely on a Giuntoli Real Estate property finder We are the property finders right for you. And here’s why: 
1. Aim
Our first aim is the custom research, not the sale.
2. You can rely on us for everything regarding the purchase of your home.
In addition to the search of the property, you can request our consulting services, including free evaluations, land registry technical support, legal and notary assistance, mortgage advisory, tax advisory, energy certifications. We will also support you if you choose to buy a property to renovate.
3. We specialize in real estate brokerage and property search in Italy and abroad.
We know well the real estate market of Milan, Sardinia, Apulia, Tuscany, Sicily, Valle d’Aosta, Veneto. As well as London and some of the most famous parts of France, including the French Riviera.

You can find our property finding service?

We have an international team and therefore we deal with property finding both in Italy and abroad.
Are you looking for a house in Milan? Our head office is in the city of Milan, which we know like the back of our hand.

Would you like to go and live in London? Let’s do house hunting!

Do you want to buy a second home by the sea? We will be looking for you in the mythical Sardinia, in Apulia or in the extraordinary Sicily. How about Tuscany? If you want to buy a property in France, we will scout the French Riviera.

Do you prefer the mountains? We are at your disposal to find the lodge of your dreams in the popular Cortina d’Ampezzo or in Courmayeur, but also in France in Courchevel, Megève, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. As we have already told you, we seek (and find) the property you want. Wherever you want. Just contact us.