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Giuntoli Real Estate is led by its Founder Andrea Giuntoli, the Interior Designer Geraldine Semeghini and the Sales Director Chiara Sanfelici. To us real estate is much more than just a business. Giuntoli Real Estate is the culmination of a family and corporate history that began a long time ago. Today, we mix passion, ethics and vision to carry out quality real estate brokerage with a 360° approach. We offer you solutions that not only of satisfy, but surprise you pleasantly as well.

Andrea Giuntoli

General manager

Geraldine Semeghini

Interior designer

Chiara Sanfelici

Sales Director

Alessandra D’Andrea

Business development

Lucia Pica

Interior designer

Alessandra Anastasio


Valeria Vasinca

Executive Assistant

Our principles


For what lies behind real estate brokerage and the search for properties: people's desires. Here we don't stop until we have found the solution that makes your eyes sparkle.


Because in life as in business, you reap what you sow. Here we sow transparency and reap trust.


A quality that pushes us to do more and better, always. Because perfection does not exist, but perfectibility does. And we chase it every day.

  • Cohesion
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing

Cohesion, collaboration, sharing. These are the values we believe in. They are part of the “forma mentis” of each element of our team.